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Do you want to know about the black garlic?
Garlic has long been proved as a most popular health food from ancient time ....
Dr. Garlic Products
  This product takes fresh and high quality garlic as its raw material.
  • About us
  • About Dalian Fortune Bioegineering
  • As a subsidiary, Dalian Fortune Bioengineering Co., LTD is fully committed to the concept of "environmental greenness"and specialized in R&D of organic farm produce and promotion of sales. with a yearly production of more than 1,000 tons.
Dr.garlic's product
Black Garlic  bulb
  • Black Garlic bulb
  • Black Garlic bulb
  • The black garlic can enhance human immunity,resist fatigue and keep healthiness.
Black garlic capsule
Black garlic paste
  • Black garlic paste
  • Black garlic paste
  • Our paste is great for restaurants and home gourmets that want to use black garlic as a base for sauces or marinades.
Black garlic powder
  • Black garlic powder
  • Black garlic powder
  • Mainly used in food, beverage, health food and pharmaceutical products
Efficacy of Black Garlic
  • 1. Purely natural, healthy and green food
  • 2. Richly containing 18 kinds of amino acids which are essential to human body
  • 3. Enhancing immunity,especially for the vu
    -lnerable people
  • 4. Resisting fatigue and ageing effectively
  • 5. Assisting in the recovery of the eakened and elderly
  • 6. Helping in adjusting blood pressure,bloo dsugar, blood lipid and cholesterol levels
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